LATN Therapy Groups

We welcome all our clients to attend and be part of our very welcoming and comfortable-setting therapy groups. All therapy groups are designed to help empower, heal, and improve the lives of its members. LATN offers mixed groups, topic specific groups and women only groups. LATN groups are about helping group members feel more connected to others in the groups who have similar issues and experiences in their lives.

The comfort and convenience of being able to talk with others who relate to your own experiences can help you heal and let go of behaviors or beliefs that have interfered in your life currently. These groups let you see how other people have been able to work through similar issues you have in your life. Group therapy provides an extra resource for healing, and helps provide quicker and effective results. They are a great addition to one’s individual therapy and are incredibly empowering and help you gain a sense of belongingness. Group members help each other by being able to observe on another’s ways of healing, growth and coping skills.

All of the groups at LATN are closed groups; which means that new members entering groups have to be closely screened by the LATN clinician who facilitates the group. The potential new group member is screened for personality fit for the group. Potential members have to be willing to make a commitment to attend the group each meeting for a minimum of 6 months. This commitment is CRITICAL for groups and its members to be effective in creating trust and emotional safety.

We offer groups that typically meet for two hours every other week. Group sizes are usually limited to 6-8 members. We like to keep groups small so that it ensures each member can work on their individual therapeutic issues in the group. We find that meeting every other week enables people to effectively “digest” information they learned in the group session without becoming overwhelmed by the depth of issues that may arise during a group session.

Groups are not meant to be a substitute for individual therapy. Each group is designed to enhance individual therapy sessions. Groups should not be used as a substitute for individual therapy.
The following are a list of groups that LATN is currently offering:

• Sexual Abuse Survivors Support Groups (SASS)
• Women’s PTSD/Trauma Groups
• Complex Trauma and Dissociation Group
• Surviving Messed Up Parents Group
• Cult Abuse Survivors Trauma Group (CAST)

Group therapy costs are $50/session. We offer this low cost so that people in individual therapy can easily afford to add a group session to their therapy. It is meant to enhance your therapy, so we wanted to ensure group affordability.