LATN specializes in grief and loss support, addressing various forms of grief, including bereavement, relationship grief, health-related grief, traumatic loss, and more. Our therapists are trained to guide individuals through the multifaceted emotions of grief, preventing complications and offering support for traumatic losses, such as suicide, homicide, or accidents. We employ holistic approaches, including talk therapy, art therapy, group therapy, Sandplay Therapy, EMDR, Sensorimotor therapy, Grief Recovery, and Energy Healing. These modalities can be combined to tailor treatment to your specific needs, providing comprehensive care during the grieving process. Whether you’re dealing with bereavement or traumatic loss, LATN is here to support you with specialized grief and loss therapy.

Different Types of Grief

We work with people dealing with bereavement grief, relationship grief, health-related grief, traumatic loss and more.

How LATN Can Help

LATN offers comprehensive support and specialized therapy to help individuals navigate various forms of grief.

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