LATN specializes in family and couples therapy, providing tailored support for relationship challenges and dynamics. Our therapists are experienced in addressing a spectrum of issues unique to couples, polycules and families, including communication, intimacy, infidelity, LGBTQ+ needs, parenting, and more. We employ various therapeutic approaches, such as Psychodynamic Therapy, Humanistic & Family Systems, and use techniques like the Gottman Method Couples Therapy, mindfulness-based interventions, relaxation skills, guided imagery, and creative therapies. Whether you’re navigating transitions, facing conflicts, or seeking to strengthen your relationships, LATN offers compassionate and effective family and couples therapy to help you achieve positive outcomes.

Treatment Topics

Relationships naturally encounter challenges. While common, addressing concerns with LATN’s experts can make a significant difference. Our team offers personalized guidance to navigate rough patches, fostering resilience and enhancing the overall health of your relationship.

Treatment Approaches

Embracing a diverse and holistic perspective, our therapeutic approach combines Psychodynamic Therapy, Humanistic & Family Systems, and utilizes evidence-based techniques to foster positive change and growth. Tailored to individual needs, our therapists draw from various methods, including the Gottman Method, mindfulness-based interventions, relaxation skills, guided imagery, and creative therapies.

Polyamorous Relationships

At LATN, our polyamory-affirming therapists provide a safe and understanding environment for individuals in polyamorous relationships. Recognizing the unique dynamics of polyamory, our therapists specialize in addressing topics such as intimacy, relationships with multiple partners, and the complexities of navigating connections. Emphasizing the significance of clear boundaries, open communication, and fostering deep connections, our therapists guide individuals through the challenges and joys of polyamorous relationships. Additionally, we offer valuable support in working through complex emotions, including envy and anxiety, empowering individuals to cultivate healthy and fulfilling relationships within a polyamorous framework.

How LATN Can Assist

At LATN, we specialize in enhancing intimate relationships and addressing family problems through a holistic approach. Our couples therapy, grounded in a developmental perspective, employs various theories and strategies to build healthier, more fulfilling relationships. With experience in working with diverse family structures, including alternative, blended, and LGBTQ+ families, our therapists assist individuals in understanding and navigating the impact of their childhood experiences on adult relationships.

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