What is KAP?

KAP is a holistic, psychedelic-assisted modality that pairs ketamine treatment with dedicated psychotherapy sessions for deeper therapy, more frequent breakthroughs, and better clinical outcomes. For more information on ketamine and its benefits visit: journeyclinical.com

Who Benefits 

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy shows promise for those with treatment-resistant mental health conditions like depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, and chronic pain. Its rapid antidepressant effects are particularly notable, and it can also aid in addiction treatment and addressing existential distress. Explore if you may be a candidate HERE

What To Expect

Step 1: Medical Evaluation

Prospective patients undergo an initial evaluation with our KAP-trained medical team to assess medical and psychiatric history for eligibility. If deemed eligible, a personalized treatment plan is developed.

Step 2: Psychotherapy Sessions

Patients engage in therapeutic alliance with a licensed mental health professional within our network. Preparation sessions set intentions for KAP work, dosing sessions involve self-administered ketamine in a supportive environment, and integration sessions review insights and prepare for subsequent doses.

Step 3: Ongoing Monitoring

Regular follow-ups are scheduled to monitor outcomes, with collaboration between the medical team and psychotherapist. Follow-up frequency is tailored to the patient’s treatment plan, occurring at least once per quarter.

How it Works

KAP works by:

  1. Altered Brain Chemistry: Ketamine affects neurotransmitter activity, reducing depression and anxiety symptoms.
  2. Dissociative Experience: The altered state can provide new perspectives on entrenched issues.
  3. Therapeutic Enhancement: The dissociative state can make clients more open to therapy.
  4. Integration: Combining the insights gained during the ketamine experience with traditional psychotherapy to support lasting change.

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