What is The Gottman Method?

The Gottman Method for couples is a research-based therapeutic approach developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman to help couples build and maintain healthy relationships. It emphasizes strengthening friendship, managing conflict constructively, and creating shared meaning in the relationship.

Who Benefits

The Gottman Method is beneficial for:

  • Couples with communication issues: Enhances effective communication.
  • Partners dealing with conflict: Helps manage and resolve conflicts.
  • Couples seeking to improve intimacy: Strengthens emotional and physical intimacy.
  • Those wanting a strong foundation for marriage: Builds a solid relationship foundation.

What to Expect

In Gottman Method sessions:

  1. Relationship Assessment: Comprehensive assessment of the couple’s relationship.
  2. Customized Interventions: Tailored interventions based on assessment results.
  3. Skills Building: Focus on enhancing friendship, managing conflict, and creating shared meaning.
  4. Practical Tools: Use of practical tools and exercises to improve relationship dynamics.

How it Works

The Gottman Method works by:

  1. Evidence-Based Strategies: Using research-backed strategies to improve relationship dynamics.
  2. Communication Skills: Enhancing effective communication and emotional connection.
  3. Conflict Management: Teaching skills for managing and resolving conflicts.
  4. Positive Relationship Culture: Building a positive relationship culture through rituals, shared goals, and mutual support.

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