Meet the Los Angeles Therapy Network Staff

Cynthia A. Henrie, LMFT, BCETS
Founder and Director of LATN since 2009

Graduate of Antioch University

[email protected]

Cynthia, who is also known as Cindie, is a Feminist Therapist, a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress and Certified in the Management of Acute Traumatic Stress through the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. She is the founder and direction of Los Angeles Therapy Network and tries to utilize all her staff to better the lives of individuals.  She is a graduate of Antioch University with a focus on Clinical Psychology, Feminist, LGBT and Adolescent Therapy.

— Trauma Expert – Treatment of Rape/Sexual Assault, Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse: Sexual Abuse, Incest, Physical Abuse, Neglect, Abandonment, Extreme and Sadistic Abuse, Mentally Ill Parent, ACA, Victims of Violent Crimes, Survivors of Suicide/Homicide Loss, Kidnapping, Religious & Cult Abuse, SRA, MC, and much more. Trained and experienced in treating sexual offenders.

— Feminist Therapy – Women’s Issues

— Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning & Intersexed (GLBTQI) specialist.

— Teen/Adolescent Specialist

— Couples Therapy , Alternative Families

— Group Therapy Specialist

— Self-Esteem, Personal Growth

— Life Crisis, Grief and Loss, Mid-Life Transitions and General Life Transitions

— Dissociative Disorders, Multiplicity, Humanistic-Existential, Psychodynamic, Cognitive-Behavioral, Narrative and Eclectic approach with a focus on depth therapy

— EMDR, TAT, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Sandplay Therapy, Art Therapy Techniques, Creative Therapy Techniques

— Groups – PTSD/Trauma, Sexual Abuse/Assault Survivors Support Group (SASS), TransWomen’s Group, Significant Other’s Support Group (SOS) for women with a transgender/gender variant partner, Multiplicity Group, Adult Children of Narcissists, Queer Couples Group, Women’s Group

Cindie is at the Los Angeles, Long Beach and Santa Monica offices., Lic MFC41617

Melissa Sanchez-Garcia, LMFT
Graduate of The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology; Certified Experiential Gestalt Psychotherapy

— Staff Member Trained in Integrated Process Oriented, Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy

— Focus on Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders

— PTSD, Trauma and Dissociation, Dissociative Disorders

— Adult Survivors Childhood Abuse: Sexual Abuse, Incest, Physical Abuse, Neglect, Emotional/Verbal Abuse

— Victims of Violent Crimes, Rape, Sexual Assault

— Adult Children of Narcissists, Emotional and Verbal Abuse by Parents, Employers, Significant Others

— Grief and Loss Issues

— Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender/Gender Variant Issues/Communities

— Children, Adolescents and Adults

— Women’s Issues

— Men’s Issues

— Couples, Alternative Families and Family Therapy

— Utilizes the body and body oriented therapies. Paying attention to the body and the symptoms and messages it is sending to us; focus on a wholeness.

— Use of relaxation, guided imagery, art and body therapy

— Sandplay Therapy and Play Therapy

— Groups: Coping with the Self-Absorbed, Sexual Abuse/Assault Survivor’s Group (SASS), TransWomen’s Group, Multiplicity Group, Young Adult’s Group, PTSD/Trauma Group

— Spanish Speaking

Melissa is at the Torrance and Los Angeles offices. Lic MFT47821

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Stephanie Groom, LMFT
University of California at Irvine, BA Psychology
Mount Saint Mary’s University Los Angeles-MS Counseling Psychology; Gottman Certification

Areas of Specialization:

— Anxiety disorders

— Obsessive Compulsive disorder

— PTSD, Trauma, Dissociative D/O

— Psychosis

— Social Anxiety, Phobia, Agoraphobia

— Attachment Issues

— Borderline Personality D/O

— Mood Disorders

— Depression

— Grief, Loss, Bereavement

— Hoarding Behaviors

— Survivors of Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse

— Physical, Emotional, Verbal Abuse or Neglect

— Suicidal Ideation and Behavior

— Women’s Issues

— Child and Adolescent Issues/therapy

— Parenting

— Self harm

— Transitional issues

— Adjustment to changes within the family

— Couples Therapy, Premarital Counseling, Marital Counseling

— Intimacy issues

— Infidelity

— LGBTQ Needs/Issues

Utilizes: Psychodynamic Therapy, Humanistic, & Family Systems with focus on Depth Psychology. Use of examination of Family of origin, Integrate unconscious material into consciousness, Gottman Method Couples Therapy,  Mindfulness-Based interventions, Relaxation skills, Guided imagery,  Sandplay Therapy, Art as a means for exploring true self and as an outlet for emotion and feelings , Creative Journaling, Play Therapy, & Strength-Based Interventions.  

Stephanie is at the Los Angeles office., Lic MFC80868

Sara Acharya, LMFT
Graduate of Cornell University and The Wright Institute of Berkeley, Masters in Counseling Psychology, LMFT

– Certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Child-Parent Psychotherapy Works with Children, Adolescents, Adults, Couples, and Families

– Specialties: -Complex Trauma and Childhood Abuse (Children/Adolescents and Adult Survivors): Sexual Abuse, Incest, Physical Abuse, Neglect, Emotional/Verbal Abuse. -Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Anxiety Disorders. -Depression.

– Grief and Loss.

-Parenting and Family Conflict.

– Adoption and Adoptive Family Adjustment.

– Women’s Issues.

– Artistic and Creative Blocks

Sara is at the Los Angeles office.