What is Jungian Therapy?

Based on the principles of analytical psychology developed by Carl Jung, Jungian therapy is a depth-oriented approach to psychotherapy that explores the unconscious mind, archetypes, and the individuation process. It focuses on understanding and integrating unconscious elements to achieve personal growth, self-awareness, and psychological wholeness.

Who Benefits 

Jungian Therapy is beneficial for:

  • Individuals seeking personal growth and self-understanding
  • People experiencing depression, anxiety, or existential crises
  • Those dealing with trauma and unresolved conflicts
  • Clients interested in exploring dreams and unconscious material

What to Expect

In Jungian Therapy sessions:

  1. Exploring the Unconscious: Through dream analysis, active imagination, and free association.
  2. Symbolism and Archetypes: Identifying and understanding the symbols and archetypes that emerge from the unconscious.
  3. Personal Myth: Clients explore their life story as a personal myth, understanding its themes and motifs.
  4. Individuation Process: Working towards integrating different parts of the psyche to achieve wholeness.

How it Works

Jungian Therapy works by:

  1. Dream Analysis: Interpreting dreams to uncover messages from the unconscious.
  2. Active Imagination: Engaging with images and symbols from the unconscious in a conscious dialogue.
  3. Archetypes and Symbols: Exploring universal symbols and themes that influence behavior and emotions.
  4. Individuation: Facilitating the process of becoming one’s true self by integrating all aspects of the psyche.

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