What is Seeking Safety?

Seeking Safety is an evidence-based, present-focused therapy designed to help individuals attain safety from trauma and/or substance abuse. It provides coping skills and psychoeducation to help clients achieve a sense of safety.

Who Benefits

Seeking Safety is beneficial for:

  • Individuals with PTSD and substance use disorders
  • People dealing with the aftermath of trauma
  • Those needing immediate coping skills and psychoeducational

What to Expect

In Seeking Safety sessions:

  1. Safety Focus: Emphasizing the importance of safety in thinking, emotions, behaviors, and relationships.
  2. Skill Building: Teaching coping skills to manage trauma and substance use.
  3. Present-Focused: Concentrating on the present rather than delving into past trauma.
  4. Psychoeducation: Providing information about trauma and substance use to enhance understanding.

How it Works

Seeking Safety works by:

  1. Psychoeducation: Informing clients about the impact of trauma and substance use.
  2. Skill Development: Teaching practical skills to enhance coping and safety.
  3. Present-Centered Approach: Focusing on current issues and needs rather than exploring past trauma in detail.
  4. Empowerment: Empowering clients to take control of their recovery and achieve stability.

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