We center our focus on Women’s Issues through a feminist therapy lens. Our collaborative and empowering approach to women’s issues addresses the unique challenges women face. We strive to cultivate a strong sense of self, leverage innate capabilities, and enhance creativity. We advocate for spaces that empower women, our therapists raise awareness of sexism’s impact, foster inclusive views, and acknowledge diverse experiences. Systemic sexism affects women’s development, contributing to workplace challenges and biases in healthcare. At LATN, we navigate women’s issues in therapy discussions, offering support for women’s holistic well-being.

Feminist Therapy

LATN is grounded in feminist therapy, fostering collaboration and empowerment to address women’s unique challenges. This approach educates and collaborates without blaming men, aiming to cultivate a strong sense of self, leverage innate capabilities, and enhance creativity.

Women’s Life Within Society

LATN advocates for creating spaces that empower women to navigate societal expectations. Key initiatives include raising awareness of sexism’s detrimental impact on relationships, fostering inclusive views of women’s capabilities, and acknowledging broader societal implications. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by women of color, lesbian, and transgender women, as well as promoting inclusivity and diversity, are crucial components of the solution.

Women’s Identity Development

Systemic sexism significantly impacts women’s development, creating pervasive consequences in various aspects of their lives. This influence is evident in workplace challenges, where women face bias, devaluation of female-dominated fields, and aggression for assertiveness.

 Women and Health

Women’s health faces challenges due to systemic sexism within healthcare, where concerns are often dismissed despite increased reliance on healthcare services. Addressing gender bias in healthcare is crucial, and in therapy or healthcare discussions, navigating these challenges becomes essential.

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