What is Gestalt Therapy?

Gestalt therapy is a form of experiential psychotherapy that emphasizes personal responsibility, awareness, and the integration of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It focuses on the here and now, exploring how individuals relate to themselves, others, and their environment.

Who Benefits 

Gestalt Therapy is beneficial for:

  • Individuals with anxiety and depression
  • People experiencing relationship issues
  • Those seeking personal growth and self-awareness
  • Clients dealing with unresolved emotional issues

What to Expect

In Gestalt Therapy sessions:

  1. Present Moment Focus: Emphasis on experiencing the present moment fully.
  2. Experiential Techniques: Using role-playing, guided imagery, and the “empty chair” technique.
  3. Awareness and Responsibility: Encouraging clients to take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  4. Integration of Parts: Working on integrating different parts of the self to achieve wholeness.

How it Works

Gestalt Therapy works by:

  1. Focusing on the Here and Now: Encouraging clients to stay in the present moment and fully experience it.
  2. Experiential Exercises: Using creative and experiential techniques to explore emotions and behaviors.
  3. Self-Awareness: Increasing awareness of how thoughts, feelings, and actions are interconnected.
  4. Holistic Integration: Integrating fragmented parts of the self to achieve a sense of completeness and well-being.

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