Ritual Abuse/Mind Control – Sadistic/Extreme Abuse

Ritual Abuse/Cult Abuse & Mind Control

Although ritual abuse and/or mind control were declared debunked in the early 90’s, there are many doctors, psychologists, and clinicians who will tell you that ritual abuse and mind control are very real. There is mounting evidence that indicates ritual abuse and mind control do exist, cults have abused adults and children for centuries (including Satanic cults) and the government has participated in secret experiments to use mind controlled spies after Nazi Germany. In fact, some people believe the U.S. government brought over several German doctors who were Nazis, gave them new identities and supported them while the continued their macabre research in the U.S. Most therapists, doctors and psychologists won’t openly admit to believing this because the days of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation pursuing therapists legally to discredit, harass and target them is still a prevailing threat in our minds. What we know is that there are several survivors of incredulous accounts of abuse and torture who are not being helped very effectively because clinicians don’t know what to make of their accounts. Worse yet, these survivors often suffer in silence knowing they won’t be believed or will loose their housing, benefits, or be put on psychiatric medications that won’t help them if they try and talk about what they endured. They’ll be seen as crazy, liars, or clinicians will determine they do not have enough knowledge or skills to help them. Thus they will loose the support that they have worked hard to build up for themselves. They believe it is better to hide than to admit to being an RA/MC survivor.

The terms ritual abuse and mind control (RA/MC) are used to describe a specific type of abuse. Typically survivors of ritual abuse and mind control have been severely tortured in bizarre ways since early childhood. There are many accounts of survivors being tortured as early as infancy. They are often used in child pornography, child prostitution, “snuff” films, and will be used to seek out other potential victims. Some children are taught military tactics to be used in black op operations or to fight future race wars that neo-Nazi groups believe will take place in the future. Ritual abuse survivors have typically been raised in multigenerational family cults that include Satanic, Pagan and Witchcraft cults. This is not traditional Wicca or Pagan, white witch covens that seek to promote positive feminine spirituality. Children raised in these cults are abused, tortured, forced to witness and participate in real or acted out murders, rapes, animal sacrifices and other orgiastic, blood-letting rituals. They are subjected to horror after horror by organized groups of people who conceal their beliefs and behaviors.

Survivors of RA/MC often need special care and attention given the extent of abuse they have endured throughout their lives. Most have developed dissociative disorders, or have been forced to split and fragment their minds, which needs to be treated before dealing with the abuses suffered that created the dissociation. We have experience treating RA/MC survivors and some of us belong to a group of clinicians (psychiatrists, doctors, psychologists and therapists) who treat survivors or RA/MC regularly.

Sadistic Abuse/Extreme Abuse

Sadistic abuse or extreme abuse is often a term used to describe ritual abuse and mind control, but it can also be used to refer to anyone who has endured abuse that was extreme and sadistic in nature. A sadist is someone who enjoys inflicting pain on others. He/she often finds sexual pleasure in witnessing the pain his/her victim endures at his/her own hands. Often rapists will take some sadistic pleasure in the act of rape. A sadist is one who demands his victim be present psychologically and emotionally during the abuse they inflict. They will speak words of hate, blame their victim for their abuse, call them debasing names and use particularly humiliating ways of abusing their victims. Some sadists enjoy the power of giving and taking life. They want total possession and control over their victims, even to the point of killing and reviving them. For other sadists, the mere act of inflicting horror and fear is enough for them.

Victims of sadistic perpetrators often hold a deeper sense of horror and terror than their non-sadistically abused counterparts. They often feel the hate that their perpetrator has instilled in them. They develop a sense of intense fear, terror, and difficulties with intimacy. Because their perpetrators demanded their psychological presence to inflict their abuse, these victims will often avoid intimacy at all cost, even if they crave being close to others. They find having close friends, lovers and family members intolerable. They may be quick to leave therapy as the therapy progresses because they cannot tolerate the relationship and interdependence that gets created in a therapeutic or other intimate relationship. Work with sadistic abuse survivors must go especially slow are carefully. They require long-term treatment because they have internalized the intense self-hate and fear of developing a close relationship with anyone. Because their lives have often been threatened, even coming to therapy can seem dangerous, even if their perpetrators have been imprisoned, live in another state or country, or are deceased.

Many sadistic abuse survivors may be misdiagnosed as having borderline personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and ADHD. They often suffer from intense mood swings, severe trauma symptoms, depression, intense anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia (fear of being around crowds or in some cases, being afraid to leave the house), obsessive compulsive disorders, phobias, hear voices that are usually dissociative and not psychotic in nature and may appear to be paranoid. They frequently have trouble forming intimate relationships, may vacillate between having intense relationships and avoiding relationships altogether, experience sexual difficulties, a variety of physical problems which may or may not have a true medical cause in nature, and dissociate a lot. Their self-esteem often is extremely low. They may have many thoughts that are self-hating in nature and frequently have addictions and/or self-harming behaviors.

If you are a survivor of ritual abuse, mind control, sadistic or extreme abuse, call us! We may be able to help you!